Two urgent prayer requests

Harold Doney’s mother, Sis. Opal, has been given a report that there is a 95% probability that she has cancer in both lungs.

Evangelist Reed Gipson has been sent home from the hospital with inoperable aneurisms.

In the natural these appear to be impossible tasks to be undertaken. That’s why we depend on Jesus, the One who heals SUPERNATURALLY.

“Lord Jesus, we need a miracle. Opal needs a complete healing in these lungs where a report shows cancer. Lord, remove any sign or symptom of any tumor or shadow of abnormality in these lungs. It is in Jesus’ wonderful name that we pray, AMEN!”

“Jesus, you love your servant Reed Gipson. He has dedicated his life to serve you. Honor him Lord with a healing from on high. Open up the blood flow and dissolve any indication of blood stoppage causing aneurisms. Only you sweet Jesus can heal him. Do it again Lord. In that name above all others, JESUS!”

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