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Hey Ronnie and Pat:

I just wanted to put this out there. One of the guys at Lakewood has a 14 year old son who was killed last week in an automobile accident. Due to the fact that most people forget to carry insurance on kids, they are short about $5500. The funeral home will not bury the kid unless they come up with the money. This is not a rich family, just like 90% of us. Very few people have thousands of dollars lying around. We’ve started a campaign to get the money raised by Friday night so they can have a funeral on Saturday… I wonder if you would be comfortable with putting the word out on the church website. We’ve started an account for the family at Bank of America…..

Rather than cut and paste everything, the information is all at . I am comfortable that we are going to raise the money but every little bit helps… I do know how this feels… had it not been for my family’s generosity I would not have been able to bury my mother. We were several thousand dollars short on her insurance… Just something I hadn’t thought to check. Mom had told me an amount she thought she had which would have more than covered it, but it turned out to be only $6000.00. Funerals today are running about 10,500 for the basics… and few funeral homes will put a body in the ground until they have their money… seems like extortion to me, but I also understand that they would probably lose their shirt if they didn’t collect up front. Just seems cruel…. Most of them will hold a viewing but will hold onto the body until the service is paid….

The church is providing air transportation for the family coming in from across the US and several other countries… The guys wanted to see if we couldn’t raise the money for this deserving Christian family who are just caught between a rock and a hard place….

This is an uncomfortable subject but I have started telling groups to be sure and have insurance on their kids….Some don’t think about it, others don’t want to deal with the idea that kids are mortal. About half of the services for kids I have done had this issue to deal with… a couple of families have declared bankruptcy over it after moving money around without paying creditors.

With Love in Him….

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