What a weekend

fri-june-20It was a great pleasure to be a part of the Renewing of Wedding Vows with Pat and Connie Smith and their great family. The Lord was there. How inspiring it was to hear so many good words spoken about the impact Pat and Connie have had on so many people. We are blessed to have them in our Church family. Pat’s cousin did a tremendous job on the Catfish and Chicken Dinner. Forty years and pressin’ forward!

Rev. Gene Summers preached his heart out on Saturday evening and challenged us on Father’s Day. It was great to hear how awesome God is to save this young man from Channelview and raise him up to reach so many. It was great to see Sis. Monia. She makes Geno look good!

I can’t say enough about the Father’s Day meal. The ladies out-did themselves. Dumplins, smothered steaks, meatballs, you name it! We have the BEST COOKS IN TEXAS right in our Church.

Please remember the singin this Friday. Try and make copies and spread the word.

In His love and service,

Pastor Ronnie


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