Thank you Cathedral for all your help.  Thank you Howard Crenshaw.  Thank you Women Ministries.  Thank you Happel family.  So many of you have contributed to the kids and youth camp efforts.  We truly couldn’t have done this without your help.  Monday morning we will leave for Kerrville and I beleive God has a plan for our kids.  Please keep them in your prayers.  So many of our kids and youth are unpolished gems, but we know what happens over time………in the hands of the Master!!  It will take many weeks, months and years to see the polished gem, but all of us at Cathedral can play a part in that process.  Love these kids inspite of their ways,………just as Moses enterceded for the Israelites.  I beleive that among these kids are many who will become future leaders.  Please invest some of your time and love in their lives,…….Always remember that Jesus took each one of us just as we were.  This is our opportunity to return the favor. 

John Brown

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