2016 COP Annual Meeting


Passing The Torch


Pastor Ronnie Jordan says that it is such a joy to have such men of integrity to step up to the challenge to lead others in God’s business. I am blessed beyond measure to serve along side of them. My longtime friend, Jim Happel has served Jesus well in this capacity for many years. He passes the torch to another awesome friend, Willie Clements. Congrats to both of these men for who and whose they are. 2016 Board Members include Pastor Jordan, James Tibbs, Patrick Smith, Jim Dixon and Willie Clements.


I attended Wednesday night service at Cathedral of Praise, aka The COP Church.  This church meeting last night was also my church’s Annual Business meeting. The meeting went smoothly… the most prevailing element of our meeting is this……. LOVE. God’s Holy, Sweet endearing presence permeated the meeting. It was full of joy, full of thankfulness, it was in one accord…. in my spirit I earnestly felt the face of God upon all of us. As I sat there, I glorified my Lord in acknowledging being in His perfect will, where it’s the safest place to be. Nothing else matters but God’s perfect will. Holy Spirit speaks, and I obey for to obey is better than sacrifice. Thank you Jesus for your presence, If you need this Holy Spirit power in your life, come join us, come join the FLOW where the river of God streams with pure, crystal clear love. Come and get yourself a drink…you’ll be satisfied for God reigns supreme here at COP Church where people “loves”

Sincerely. Sandra Marie Flores.